• Located in the beautiful Agios Georgios Pagi (North) on Corfu Island, Magdalini apartments offer 2 (two) accommodation buildings in a quiet hillside on a well-tended 4,000 m² of garden with shade trees and great barbecue areas. The top Building include 2 apartments on a 2 floor house while the bottom building (Magdalini House) include 3 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 5 (five) people.

    The resort of Agios Georgios (North)  has a beautiful beach, which has been awarded with the blue flag by EEC and is a heaven for lovers of a quiet restful holiday. The resort  also offers you umbrellas and sun beds as well as water sports facilities at the beach, windsurfing, restaurants & tavernas and as the night falls a variety of bars in which to sit and admire away the hours, the perfect setting sun.

    Manager: Dimitris Kourkoulos
    Speaks: English
    Response time: Within 12 Hours

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    • Free Wi-Fi internet
    • Air – Condition
    • Satellite TV
    • Fully equipped kitchen
    • Washing machine
    • 2 Shower/Toilet
    • Private balcony


    • Free Wi-Fi internet
    • Barbecue area
    • Big private garden
    • Free parking on site

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    • A deposit is required in order for the booking to be confirmed. This is equal to thirty per cent (30%) of the total amount due.
    • The deposit is non-refundable unless a cancellation is made and is deducted from the total amount outstanding.
    • Payment can be made through bank transfer or credit card payment.

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Number of apartments (Two bedroom)



1 (3 bedroom)


Green landscape

Nearest Beach

Agios Georgios beach (400 meters)

Our Useful Features & Services

Free WiFi


Satellite TV

Barbecue Area

Free parking on site