The beautiful beach of Arillas is extending on 2 kilometers and has golden sand and clear waters. This fine beach is considered to be one of the best on the island of Corfu.

Theotokos Monastery

Arillas resort is popular for families and couples looking for a small modest resort with the emphasis on beach relaxation with the occasional trip into the surrounding countryside.

The resort has a certain quiet and sheltered feel, this being the furthest north of the west coast Corfu destinations. The main road runs alongside the beach and the people are wonderful. There is no through road so very little traffic.

Agios Spyridon beach

Arillas beach is distinctive in that it seems to change shape, according to the prevailing wind and currents. A north wind tends to pile sand on the beach which can ‘grow’ by two meters daily, while a southern wind does the opposite. The water at the Blue Flag the beach is very shallow and the sea bottom is flat and sandy making it the ideal place for children. On the beach you can also hire sun beds and umbrellas. Frogs croak merrily in the reed-filled rivulet behind the beach of the resort, while the barren rocky islets of Kravia, Gineka and Sikia out to sea are yet more on the list of places claiming to be the petrified remains of Odysseus’s ship. All this are some of Arillas Beachthe reasons why is worth of visiting this resort on Corfu.

Source: Arillas Bliss